Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Liberals Have to Lie Part 4; Class Warfare

More letters to the editor. The last, Obama Promotes Class Warfare, was published in the Sentential on 9.24.2011

The Rich Have Piles of Money

The left likes to blame the consolidation of wealth, or the rich sitting on piles of money for this recession. In a way that is true, but it’s not like you think. First, the rich do not like to sit on piles of money; they want to use their money to make more money. In the 1999 the rich were in a quandary; they had piles of money, but because Greenspan was holding interest rates so low, there was no place to invest it. Then came the American Dream Commitment Act, a progressive attempt at social engineering, which increased mortgages at such a rate, that mortgage securities became the investment dejour. Since the sub-prime meltdown, the economy continues to languish, because unlike other burst bubbles, the middle class took a direct hit. The one place where the middle class invests large sums of money and uses the equity to make other large purchases and drives a large part of the economy, has collapsed. So yes, the rich are sitting on large piles of money, because again, there is no place to invest and the current Administration continues to create more and more regulation and law, associated with the newly passed health-care and financial-reform bills.

Climate Change and the SOS

These articles on Climate Change are becoming long in the tooth (SC Sentential 9/25) . Never mind that Charles Hanley quotes some studies that have already been proven wrong, but he makes the statement that “The bases of anthropogenic- manmade global warming- has been clear for more than century, since researchers proved that carbon dioxide (CO2) traps heat.” This statement is the fraudulent basis for manmade global warming and has never, ever been proven. What has been known for more than a century is the reverse, that when world temperatures rise, the oceans emit a higher level of carbon dioxide; in other words heat increases CO2; not the other way around). The reason this has been turned around is that the only basis for CO2 trapping heat is in computer models, fudged to prove man made global warming exists and if it CO2 does not trap heat, then man made warming does not exist. And what is the answer to man made global warming? Why it’s a fascist world government with global re-distribution of wealth; seems a little harsh for a fudged computer model.

Obama Promotes Class Warfare

In President Obama’s recent speech schilling for his new American Jobs Act, he continually spoke of the rich paying their fair share. Parroting Warren Buffet, the President said a secretary should not have to pay a higher tax rate than her millionaire/billionaire boss. The problem with this statement is it is not true. In an AP article in the Sentinel by Stephen Ohlemacher he states what other fact checkers have confirmed that, “On the average, the wealthiest people in America pay a lot more taxes than the middle class or poor…They pay at a higher rate ..and contribute a much larger share of overall taxes.” In 2008, Charlie Gibson questioned Candidate Obama about his desire to raise the capital gains tax. When Gibson reminded him the lower Capital Gains rates have proven in increase tax revenues, Obama replied, “What I’ve said is that I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.” So we can see now that “the rich paying their fair share,” is simply code by the President for his promoting class warfare; jobs and the deficit be damned.

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