Monday, September 13, 2010

Rascism from Marxism; the New Struggle

This is the most unabashedly one sided article I have ever written; for which I am unapologetic. The reason is to present a contrast to the black victimization and Marxists theology that has permeated our society for the last 30 years. Progressives and most black activists have done whatever they can to stifle any meaningful dialog on race in order to maintain this theology. The narrative is all whites are racists and only whites can be racists. This self serving contention preaches that racism can only exists if the racist has some avenue of control over the victim of the racism. This has been used to excuse a tremendous amount of black racism. The obvious hypocrisy and double standard of this belief not only ceases any dialog on race, but has resulted in the quasi-Christian Black Liberation theology, that espouses a Marxist and race based dogma called collective salvation.

There can be little doubt that the current Progressive left, an outgrowth of the Progressive movement of the early 1900’s, is a product of Marxism. The premise they embraced was government by “intellect” or the Intelligentsia. When Marx wrote his manifesto, he was not preaching a theory or purposing a way of government. Marxism was considered one of the highest forms of scientific enlightenment and was not viewed as revolutionary but inevitable evolution. What truly excited the educated left was the idea that the control of the world would be taken from the rich industrialist factory owners and given to them. This has been the reason why such a failed socio-economic theory as Marxism has maintained such legs. Marxism foresaw a time not to far in the future where the workers would unite and overtake their oppressors. Of course the workers could never be allowed to make their own decisions about their lives, so necessarily the Intelligentsia would need to go beyond just taking the place of the previous owners of production. The Intelligentsia would extend their control of the hopelessly uneducated workers through a process of re-education; a re-education that would destroy individualism and replace it with a state worshiping collective. Again you see over and over, a Progressive class seeing themselves intellectually superior to both the factory owners and workers, believing it is their destiny to take control and assume power over both. It is the tyrannical belief that the world is in need of a totalitarian ruling class and due to their intellectual superiority, science had destined that they will rule. Question this destiny and one is met with the condescension, typical of all Marxist when one suggests a cause for the worker's struggle other than capitalism.

As the Second World War came to a close, the fledgling pre-Great Depression middle class exploded, dashing the hopes of the Progressives quickly attaining power. The only weapon they had left, which was class warfare tended to ebb and flow without any real coalescing results. The Progressives continued their domination of the Democratic Party, with the possible exception of John Kennedy. In the 56 years from President Eisenhower 1953 to Bush 43 ending 2008, Democratic Presidents accounted for only 20 of those years. During those years the Democrats had two one-term presidents, Johnson and Carter and a case can be made that the only truly successful presidency was that of Bill Clinton (and it appears the Democrats are well on their way to another failed one-term Presidency with Presidency with Obama). It is also common knowledge that Bill Clinton’s progressive policies were so despised that it resulted in the biggest reversal of party majorities in congress during a single mid-term election cycle. Termed the Republican Revolution, the Democrat’s lost 54 seats in the House and 8 seats in the Senate, gaining the majority in both the House and Senate. These losses caused Clinton to drop the majority of his progressive agenda and move decided to the right; so far to the right that Republicans complained he was co-opting the Republican platform.

One reason was Marxism has never able to get a foothold in the United States is the individualism that is built in to our founder’s documents. With Marxism espousing collectivism and end of individual liberty, even during the Great Depression, American workers preferred to ride it out in misery rather the relinquish their freedom to a questionable theory of promise of security. By the end of the 1960’s Progressives had started to change their argument from one of class warfare to one of race. This concept emerged as the dominant Progressive mantra and tactic by the end of the turbulent 1960’s. During this time America woke up to the institutional racism that was oppressing blacks in the country resulting in the paradigm shift Martin Luther King Jr had faith would occur; racism did not disappear, but to the vast majority that were not racists, they realized a portion of King’s dream, by acknowledging racism we they saw it and voicing their disapproval. Further America also came into its own as they protested in increasingly large numbers against an increasingly unpopular war. Also during this time the young college Progressives tore off their outward trappings showed them selves as the Marxist radicals they are. Misinterpreting the anti-war sentiment as a call for revolution, they violently tore at the America values offering nothing but serfdom to another form of their self described tyranny. With the end of the Vietnam War also came the end of the failed Marxist revolution in America, which was really nothing more than a Progressives fleeting fantasy.

What did emerge, as I previously stated was a new rhetoric of racial economic disparity. Louis Loflin (an original but edgy thinker in the vein of Camille Paglia) describes Marxism, as a pseudo-religion applying race are their new dogma and here describes the Progressives’ new race narrative, “Paul Baran is the author of The Political Economy of Growth (Monthly Review Press, 1957). For the first time in Marxist literature, Baran propounded a causal connection between the prosperity of the advanced capitalist countries (white for the most part) and the impoverishment of the Third World. (non-white) Prior to Baran, no Marxist had ever suspected that capitalism was the cause of the poverty or poverty based on race. (Or in the case of America, it went along racial lines.) So they went from class to race.How Marxism Became Racism The real irony of course is the history of both Marxists and the Democratic party has always been on the wrong side of history when it comes to race. During the civil war it was the Democrats that fought to retain slavery, after the war they instituted the Jim Crow laws and fought long and hard to maintain segregation, and later you have Woodrow Wilson re-segregating the army, setting civil rights back 50 years . Even Lyndon Johnson, so praised by the Progressive left for passing the civil rights legislation in the 1964, was the Democratic senate leader who crushed a similar bill in 1957. Further the 1964 bill had to overcome a block of 18 Southern Democrats and a 14-hour filibuster by Robert Byrd (D). As far as Marx went, his pro-white rhetoric and a strong belief in Eugenics is legendary and considered by some the epitome of racism. As with everything else, Marx's racism was accepted by the Progressive Intelligentsia as having it’s basis in science and not bigotry; almost by definition to be a Marxist is to be a racist. As a result the Progressives have tried to re-write history to try and hide their atrocious legacy of bigotry and racism.

Interestingly, it was not until the Obama Presidency that racism was brought out of its socio-economic shell, and used to discourage opposition to the Presidents Progressive policies. Prior to that, more specifically starting with the Reagan Administration, it presented itself by condemning tax cuts for the rich. Regardless of the fact that economic stimulus are far more effective when given to the upper 2% that control most of the wealth in this country, tax cuts to the rich has continually been vilified by Progressives, often caricaturized as rich white CEOs sitting on an continually growing stack of money. The absurdity of this narrative is the fact that the rich do not view money as a means to consumption like the majority of Americans, but a means to an end; money is to be re-invested to make more money. During the Clinton Presidency this rhetoric waned and then reappeared with the Bush 43 Presidency and his tax cuts of 2001 and 2003.

When President Obama came into office, the Progressive were finally able to extend their racism narrative into all aspects of Progressive policy. Although there has never been a time in American history where Marxist philosophy, re-distribution of wealth and re-education has been discussed in such positive terms by a standing President or Administration, the Progressive narrative remained the same; all opposition to the policies of our first black president is the result of racism. There was never an acknowledgement of the disingenuousness of the President and the chasm that developed between what he promised and eventually delivered. Instead, the Progressives, showed their long suppressed distain for the American people and their (as George Soros coined) "excessive individualism.” But once again the Progressive overreached with their continued race baiting, resulting in an extremely disillusioned populace. What was touted as hope and change has resulted in a war of pejoratives by the intelligentsia and progressive media against the American people. The Progressives had hoped they could use the America’s sensitivity to race to silence dissention to their agenda. What they discovered however is the American people where much more comfortable in their skin then the Progressives thought. The American people have already had the race dialog outside the Progressive purview and have deemed themselves not racists, so they were not about let the Intelligentsia, who by all accounts are barely able to suppressed their own racism, define the narrative.

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