Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chris Matthews is Schooled on the Tea Party

This Chris Matthews HardBall (March 30, 2010) didn't go the way he wanted. Matthews was trying to make the point that the Tea Party is racist, probably thinking Conservative Dana Leosch would be an easy kill. Matthews also had a Princeton Professor, presumably teaching Black studies, waiting in the wings; both got spanked by Leosh. I am still amazed at the lack of original thought by the left. All they have is the same old tired talking points, which Leosch took on, several times laughing at Matthews. Matthews typical style of throwing a barrage of unrelated rhetoric, hoping one will befuddle his opponent simply did not work. Leosch never let Matthews get away with these shenanigans, responding to every talking point and not letting Matthews move on unschooled. Enough of an introduction, watch and enjoy.

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