Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama's Post Racial Society Another Broken Promise

The Democrats have become a one trick pony; disagree with their tax and spend policies and you’re a racist. Keith Olbermann said, “If racism is not the whole of the Tea Party, it is in its heart.” This of course, this was in reaction to Congressman John Lewis reporting a Tea Bag Party protester screamed the N-word 15 times as he passed. A review of the video showed the protester yelled, “Kill the Bill” 15 times, but what Lewis heard was the N-word; the country is still waiting for a retraction or apology. The value system of the left is now, more than ever, being seen for what it is; a belief the status quo is immoral and a free society must progress from a free market system toward a more perfected system of wealth re-distribution. The President is telling us to every one below your economic station, you owe reparations; this is the bases for Obamacare, amnesty for immigrants that enter the country illegally and cap and trade. All are a more perfected form of wealth re-distribution. Any impediment to this progressive agenda is a form of imperative racism. As Janeane Garofalo said about the Tea Party, “This is racism, straight up”. But like the term "Nazi", "racism" has become stale and lost it’s sting; it has simply become a euphemism for any opposition to the left. So in a way, the promise that a black president would usher in a post racial society has come true, as the term itself has become meaningless due to it’s overuse for political expediency.

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